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We will guide you through the process of digital product design

UX Strategy
Choose the best UX strategy for your application and then measure its benefits for both user and company.
UX/UI Design
We strive to create the best user experience and easy-to-understand applications.
Visual design
Get a carefully designed applications in line with the latest trends, keeping in mind users' behavior and appropriate legislation.
UX audit
Not sure about your digital product state? Let us do an audit for you and define the ways you should go towards to satisfied users.
User testing
We always verify our solutions. We submit initial concepts to actual users and fine-tune our design based on their feedback.
With our partner Trask we can develop your product or we will provide you with detailed instructions for software development and keep an eye on what is going on.
UX research
We ask and assess your needs. We take careful interest in current market data and end-user behaviour.
Product MVP
Hesitating to make a big investment in new digital product? Get and MVP - Minimum viable product, a step between concept and fully developed product.
Desing thinking workshop
Let design thinking process work for your company. Drive innovation, growth, and customer experience.

We design mobile and web applications

Are you looking to create a successful application, with a user friendly interface?

We analyze the needs on both sides – yours and your users’ – and then design a customized UI that will help you to reach your business goals, speak to customers, or simplify the work of your people.

  1. We provide all UI/UX professionals who will be involved in the development of your digital product.
  2. We create a user interface concept in the application and by getting feedback from potential users, we can verify that our ideas work.
  3. We prepare a prototype of your application and test its functionality, as well as ensure that users like it in practice.
  4. We pass detailed assignments to the developer teams – at this point, you can decide whether you want to deal with the development by yourself, or have one of our partners assist you.
  5. We oversee the UI development so that everything follows the design, to avoid any potential misunderstandings and additional repairs.
Would you like to make your existing application more attractive for it’s users?

If you notice that people are reluctant to use your application or internal system and are no longer interested in them, the reason may be that it is too complicated, non-intuitive, or obsolete.

  1. We audit your existing application from the professional and user points of view.
  2. We identify any problems.
  3. We prepare a new, modern interface that your customers will like.
  4. We will keep an eye on the development from concept to go-live and guide you through every step leading towards a more user-friendly design.
Are you interested in turning your application into a powerful sales tool?

Does your application not bring the added value that you built it for?

We will help you find the Achilles’ heel of your digital sales channel and breathe life back into it. The following steps will help us to improve your market position of your application:

  1. A UX audit that will help you make decisions on the future of your application or web site with quality data.
  2. Competitor monitoring with respect to functions and utilization.
  3. A UX examination or an assessment of your ideas by our experts, including user testing.
  4. UX monitoring and evaluating the usability of your application in service, including the implementation of tools to measure UX.
  5. A plan to develop the application so that it starts offering its users interesting tricks and innovative ideas, while continuing to develop in linewith the latest trends.
Are you interested in expanding your business into foreign markets?

Because of cultural differences, users in other countries may have many different expectations or demands than you were aware of.

Just like application design for the domestic market, we first must explore, both the needs of you and your clients.

Based on thorough ethnographic research, we can design an effective customized user interface.

Are you in need of expert UX/UI support that is an extension of our services?

We provide our UI/UX experts and turn them into your in-house/on call UX team. Our Team, is an extension of your product team, and accelerates the entire product design process. So you get products and services to the market on time while keeping your budget in order.

If you already have a UX design team in place, but you are not sure about its quality,we will verify the skills of each team member and propose changes, if any. Then we can train them in the areas that are needed.

Have you considered automating your product design to be cheaper, faster and more efficient?

We can help you put together an effective UX design process to automate your product design with design systems. We will teach your designers how to build different structures while using the same building blocks. Cheaper, faster and more efficient.

We have also developed a Design Framework that you can adjust to your needs and that will help you to streamline and standardize the development of UI products. It is a great way to make sure that each of your applications will offer the same amazing experience to your users.

The Design Framework will guarantee:

  1. UX design consistency,
  2. faster training of new designers,
  3. a simplified way to predict workload,
  4. an uncomplicated design handoff,
  5. the application of knowledge from previous solutions and the repeated use of templates.

Projects that have grown with our help.


As a UI/UX agency, what do you specialize in and how can you help me?

We create easy to understand user interfaces for mobile and web applications in the enterprise sector and for start-ups covered by investment. Our services range from the development of a brand new product to the redesign of an existing mobile application, website, or enterprise software.

We can deliver everything that you need to launch a successful digital product: a user research, a UX strategy, a user interface design, a perfect user experience, usability testing, prototyping, web design, and handoff to the development team (your internal team or our partners).

What distinguishes Bell & Hurry from other UX/UI design agencies?

What distinguishes us from the dozens of other agencies is our focus on the enterprise and financial sector, which requires the use of high quality designers. Our specialists have experience with global projects. Thanks to this, we can combine interesting ideas and skills from different parts of the world.

A professional Enterprise UI/UX design cannot be just a “one-man show”. That is why we provide a mix of specialized skills and responsibilities. We have specialized expertise in user research, product and UX strategy, UX design, visual design, user testing, and design handoff for development, including professional design management.

In terms of designing, we can maintain consistency even in the largest of design projects. We owe this especially to our Bell & Hurry Design Framework, a unique design knowledge base which helps us to use information and data from previous solutions. With this framework, we prepare a suitable mix of processes, procedures, templates, and libraries for each project.

Do you only deal with projects from the finance sector, the energy industry and telecommunications, or do you provide help with projects in other sectors too?

Although we have long-term experience with the financial, energy and telecommunications industries, we enjoy working on projects from other related branches, especially those where we can use our experience with Enterprise UX.

Our philosophy is based on a simple formula: a good designer should understand the essence of the client’s business and its customers’ needs. This understanding enables us to deliver a practical design that is not only functional for the users, but also attractive and, above all, brings measurable business results and is technically feasible.

We can quickly board a project and immediately start working with a specific topic, just like we did with the banking start-up Velvon Germany and the energy company ČEZ.

Do you work with start-ups that are just in the initial stages of their development?

Yes, we also also work with start-ups. Although we primarily specialize in projects for the enterprise sector and start-ups under investment, we can also help early-stage start-ups that usually do not have cash to spare.
If the mission and the future direction of your business or project resonates with us, we can offer you special conditions. Start-ups from the finance, energy, and telecommunications industries are especially close to our hearts.

Can you innovate an older enterprise and B2B software so that it meets current market requirements?

Yes, we can. As one of very few existing creative agencies, we deal with Enterprise UX (UX for internal enterprise solutions).

We have vast experience with upgrading the user interfaces of digital platforms in large corporations. By avoiding internal red tape, we can quickly come up with a solution, either as an external contractor or as a part of your innovation team.

We have helped modernize and optimize the UX of internal systems used by bank advisors (Komerční banka, Unicredit Bank), systems that support the sale of loans via third parties (Komerční banka, Moneta Auto), and learning platforms (Trask) and CRM systems.

Do you only help businesses just with the design, or are you also involved in the website and application development?

Even though we ourselves do not develop websites and applications, a significant portion of our work deals with product handoff for development, including providing supervision during the work that is performed on the project. As an agency specializing in the creative part of the process, we know that it is important to stay with the product being designed from the initial idea to its final implementation (development).

A detailed and clear assignment for the development teams goes without saying. We support this process through the selection of tools that enable us to communicate and share information with developers (such as Figma, Zeroheight, Zeplin, etc.) and through a fully object-oriented design system. It copies the philosophy used in the development of frontend applications and can maintain the level of UI consistency required by developers.

In the field of application development, we have worked with a number of partners on a long-term basis and we can recommend the right one for you based on reference projects.

Do your services also include identity or does this have to be addressed separately?

The process of brand building is not our “core business”. However, the incorporation of your corporate identity into web and mobile applications is an integral part of our UI/UX design. For this reason, our team includes specialists with international experience with CI building who can adjust your existing corporate identity or guarantee its correct incorporation into the application that we are designing.

How does your UI/UX agency usually work? What are the individual steps?

Every project is different in terms of scope and content, but they all have a uniform structure. The length and intensity of each part may differ significantly from project to project. Fundamentally, we apply the Design Thinking methodology.

Exploration and research – in this initial stage of a project, we always ask about client requirements, i.e. we interview key people and experts, mainly in the form of conducting in-depth interviews and creative workshops. Next, we map the needs of and pains experienced by future users by means of a user research (methods applied in this stage may differ significantly according to the product type and the target group) and an analysis of user behaviour data, if available. We also map potential competitors and conduct an ethnographic research.

Ideation and concepts – this stage is full of ideas and creativity. It focuses on the development of a strategy that will tell us how to reach our target goal. It is also important to create a sufficient number of concepts and choose the best among them, so that it will then be further elaborated. In this stage, concepts can already be tested, either internally or with future users. This gives rise to a basic information architecture and first screen flow designs. The initial appearance of the website or application starts to be shaped.

Prototyping and validation – a concept that passed through selection and ideally also user testing must be prototyped (detailed). This is when the Design System comes into play. It is created during this stage and contains the definition of all elements used in the design. It is the main tool used when the design is handed off for development. User testing is ideally performed during prototyping and its results are continuously incorporated into the prototype.

We have summarized our design approach in our own Design Framework, which we use in projects and teach others.

How much does designing one UI/UX project cost?

The price of a project is directly related to the scope of work, the timeframe, the required project result, and the number of team members that will be working on the project.

Most of our projects are priced at a fixed rate. This means that as soon as we have all information about your project that we need, we will send you a quote with a detailed price list of different tasks. All estimates are based on our hourly rates and the number of hours that we consider necessary to complete the project.

If the scope of the project is not clearly set or the project is very dynamic by nature, we prefer the Time&Material method, where we charge based on the amount of time spent on the project and our rate depends on our team’s composition. During the project, we make qualified estimates of labour intensity and based on them, we inform your about the scope and course of work (i.e. at the beginning of the project and then at biweekly or monthly intervals).

For a rough idea, the cost of a labour intensive project that lasts two months and is supposed to bring a completely new digital product can range from 20.000 EUR to 40.000 EUR.

Tell us about a project that you would like to go see live.

I am interesting in working with you. What should I do?

Just contact us by e-mail at or give us a call at +420602689535.

Be rest assured that any information provided to us will be considered strictly confidential. If the nature of your project so requires, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

After that, we will meet with you in person (or via a video call) and clarify the project details, suggest a possible solution and discuss other important things that are necessary to ensure smooth collaboration.

Then we will send you our quote that will include all details (the project scope, timing, price, project team, and relevant testimonials). Once you have had time to look at the quote, we will go through it together (at a face-to-face meeting or a video call). The decision whether we will work together is up to you.