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A mobile banking interface for the clients of a new bank.


  • to create a full mobile banking application prototype
  • to prepare a flawless UX design for the products and services offered by a new bank
  • to design the visual style of the application


The client requested the design of a new, modern application with the clear goal of attracting the Western market. It was up to us to meet these requirements by preparing an original app leading to a perfect customer experience.

We have been involved with the project since the very beginning, so we have been able to follow its gradual growth and help to shape the form of how to best present it to the customers.


In one year, Velvon grew from a small start-up to almost the size of a regular bank. Our biggest challenge was to constantly and flexibly respond to our client’s needs, which were continuously developing. This also required parallel collaboration between our designers and several Velvon product teams.

On one side, we were involved in digital product design, and on the client’s side we were overseeing their implementation during development.

Who was our client

Erich Čomor, CEO Velvon Germany


How we proceeded

  • we helped the product managers to design the main banking services in the application
  • we prepared a pixel-perfect prototype for the development teams
  • we helped the client to set up a regular testing routine
  • we oversaw the implementation and proper deployment of the design
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