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Nedbank Private Wealth

South Africa, Isle of Man
An award-winning mobile app for one of the largest private wealth banks.
Ranked in the top four wealth management apps globally


  • to create an online environment to administer the clients’ private wealth, including investments, deposits, and real property
  • to enable digital communication between the clients and their bankers while maintaining confidentiality, a personal approach, and above-standard care


Nedbank Private Wealth wanted to provide their clients with something new and fresh. A digital communication channel that would eliminate the necessity to address private wealth issues and money handling only with a designated banker met this requirement. We were asked to make monitoring the overall assets and liabilities much more comfortable and flexible for the clients.


The private wealth segment requires a highly personalized approach and above-standard level of care that had to be reflected both in the mobile and web applications.

First, we had to fully understand the clients’ needs, which are very different from the usual standard.

Then we had to cut the diamond among all applications; in other words, prepare a unique bank communication tool wrapped in a truly luxurious design.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of your workmanship, professionalism and integrity. I found the entire process of working with the team to be what it should be - enjoyable and exciting.“

Heidie Ziervogel
— Head of Digital Solutions, Nedbank Private Wealth, South Africa


How we proceeded

  • members of our team visited the bank to get better insight into how the bank works and who its clients are
  • by means of moderated interviews and concept testing, we mapped the clients’ needs
  • we prepared several concepts and tested them directly with private wealth clients using the World Cafe method
  • we designed an application prototype and thanks to close cooperation with the design team, we launched it only four months after the project was launched
  • we ran additional intensive testing with the clients

The Nedbank Private Wealth App has won numerous awards over time:

Mobile Apps for Wealth Management Survey (2020): Rated fourth-best mobile app for wealth services globally and first among the South African participants.

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