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Komerční banka

Redesign of the bank’s ISIM internal application for management of employee roles and user rights

What was the goal of this project?

We aimed to build an application concept for an internal use to facilitate the bank’s process of staff roles and user rights assignment and their overall administration. The target was to redesign the system according to the client’s brand guidelines and prepare a complete UI kit for the development unit.

Why did the bank decide to redesign the application?

The need to modernise the system’s interface was revealed by our long-standing partner, Trask Solutions, who operates the application of Komerční Banka serving the administration of employee roles. The application provides a system where employees can make requests in relation to their internal rights and enables the administrators to manage all roles.

When Trask was preparing to perform an update of this application for it sclient, it proposed to give a touch to the application’s interface as well to enhance the user experience. Since we have successfully collaborated with Trask on the internal portal Edoceo in the past, they entrusted us with this redesign project.

How did we proceed in the implementation of the project?

We have split this assignment into four phases to ensure the right sequence of all activities with the first one focusing on the preparation of the design brief which encompassed the technology and user possibilities together with the product requirements. This was followed by creation of a basic concept presenting several design types of the interface. When the client has chosen the preferred design, we have further developed the prototype in the scope of the entire application. The last step was to develop this application to the level of a perfect pixel whilst taking into account the bank’s brand guidelines. The project was at our side concluded by preparinga complete UI design package which was then passed on to the development team.

Who was our client

Jaroslav Kotil, IT Security


Why was this project challenging?

We knew from the beginning that we needed to approach this system redesign carefully, minding that the bank’s employees were accustomed to the application interface for many years. It was evident that substantial changes to the system interface would not be welcomed positively. From our experience we know that even changes for the better might cause difficulties for example to the staff serving clients. We have overcome this challenge by engaging the employees in the application redesign process from the initial stage to ensure that their feedback is taken on board.

How did the client benefit from our expertise?

The redesign of the internal system has benefited the bank by improving the management process of user roles making it more user friendly and efficient.

The new interface has enabled the administrators to navigate through the overview of added roles more easily.

The overall process of requests submission has been simplified for the bank’s employees.

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