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Greyson Consulting / Greensoon

An application facilitating EU reporting obligations of multinational corporations

What was the goal of this assignment?

We aimed to build the basic concept of a web application which would simplify the reporting process set by the European Union for ecological ratings of multinational enterprises. This went hand in hand with the design and deployment of the application’s visual interface enabling an easy navigation even in the administration of such extensive reports.

Why was it necessary to develop such an application?

The European Union requires banks and corporate companies to prepare comprehensive reports on the environmental impact of their business activities. The client was thus faced with a demanding and lengthy process of the reports’ administration requiring a lot of resources at their side. Hence, GREENSOON has decided to replace this complex process with an efficient and straight forward solution in the form ofa user-friendly application and decided to use our expertise.

How did we proceed with the service implementation?

The first step for us was to carefully examine all the reporting requirements and for the GREENSOON’s team to make themselves familiar with the application interface, the processes and the overall taxonomy (the theory and practice of the system classifications).

Acomplete knowledge of the extensive reporting obligations helped usdesign several basic concepts of the application which were presented to the client enabling us to verify that we fully understand the client’s expectations.

The basic application concepts were then further developed based on the client’s feedback and the content of the individual application steps became static which was then followed by testing of this prototype application by its end users. Finally, several designs of the application’s interface were proposed incorporating the client’s identity and introduced to its users in another round of testing. The selected design was then handed over to our development team for finalisation of the application.

Who was our client

Miroslav Vansa, Country Manager at Greyson


Which challenges did we face in the process?

The application was created on Hackathone which meant that we worked with a concept having limitations in its scope while there was a need to incorporate the comprehensive EU legislation requirements as well asto take into account our corporate client’s internal processes. Preparing a report precisely according to the specifications of the EU authorities is a challenge in itself. Nevertheless, thanks to our expertise we managed to easily overcome this challenge by creating a simple wizard containing all options which might be possibly needed by the client in the reporting process even in the future.

How did our client benefit from our expertise?

We facilitated the entire reporting process and document management.

Significant efficiency in meeting the EU reporting obligations was achieved.

Printingof large numbers of documents was eliminated generating savings at the client’s side.

We created a framework enabling corporations to identify opportunities in terms of their environmental impacts.

Where to go next?