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Trask / LMS

The redesign of the LMS eDoceo learning portal for Komerční banka.


  • to create a new UX for an existing product
  • to redesign an established B2B product


  • eDoceo is a well-established product that was developed by Trask. It is a learning platform used by employees of large companies throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Over the years, it has grown in form and size so much that its further development would be only possible at a high cost and with a substantial time investment. And that is exactly what our client needed to change.


  • The eDoceo learning portal is a very large platform that has been deployed with several large accounts simultaneously and, in line with their various needs, it has been highly customized.
  • Our greatest challenge was to find common ground between specific customer demands, the best output in terms of a user-friendly solution, and effective management and development of the entire system by the client.
Who was our client

Daniel Pecina, Executive Director at Trask solutions Czechia


How we proceeded

  • we analyzed the product from all possible angles, including all deployments and development plans
  • we collected feedback from users
  • we prepared a UI audit to quickly address the hottest issues
  • we created a basic system design to effectively develop the platform and to train specialists on how to use it
Where to go next?